Thursday, May 29, 2014

aMAYzing Spring

Wow! A lot can happen in such a short span of time.!

To sum up in 3 simple bullet points
1. Bought a house and still slowly moving in
2. I'm engaged!
3. I have amazing friends

I thought that the month of May would be big for the house and taking two wonderful trips with my best friends but little did I know I was going to be proposed to! Excitement overload! I was so grateful to have my best friend there to share it with and capture it. 
This ring is more special to me than anything because it was my fiance's great grandmother's ring. It is almost 100 years old. And if you know me I love antiques and history.

As if this wasn't exciting enough it was only the beginning to an awesome weekend at the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, AL. 
I would have to say the Avett Brothers and NeedToBreathe were my favorite to see. If you don't listen to them or know them please check them out. They won't disappoint. 

After that weekend I was slowly able to gain my consciousness back for a reunion in New Orleans,  with my other set of amazing friends. I love cities with history and this one is right up there on my favorites list. I was able to venture more off of Bourbon street this go around thanks to a few years of age.Though the booze was tempting, I was more interested in the French quarter. The porches looked so beautiful with fresh flowers. I could not stop taking photos. ((My instagram has a few- Countrfryed.)) Sadly that magical trip had to come to an end too and back to reality.

-->> Good news- I opened my etsy shop- BohemianAnnaBelles <<--
Bad news- I sold one item and it's empty again

I have not completely moved in yet but when I do I fully plan on tidying up my new craft room and getting some things going and online!
I will leave you for some much needed sleep and organization.
~ A.C. 

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