Sunday, December 7, 2014

I found a photographer! & my wedding dress!
              I am so excited to have Nathan Westerfield shoot our wedding photos. We aren't getting engagement photos taken so that makes them even more special. He's a Nashville photographer and graciously willing to travel to the Smoky Mountains for our ceremony with no problemos. He was so fantastic about responding to me quickly about everything! Check out his site & tell your friends! 
            After 7 months hunting online for dresses I finally have the dress of my dreams! I know I haven't tried on dozens of dresses like some girls have but I've had all the stress with every other aspect of our "elopement turned small wedding turned elopement with ceremony." I thought I was planning the easiest wedding in the world but the truth is no wedding is stress free. Even eloping. You always hurt someone's feelings and what they say hurts your feelings. What it all comes down to though is it is your day. It is your choice of date, location, people attending and attire you wear. I hope others realize this sooner than I did. Those that love you enough will accept your choices and move on. That being said and back to my original topic... I kept with my gut in repeatedly searching online stores for the perfect dress.
My style problem was- I don't love traditional wedding dresses and I didn't want to pay the price for one .I REALLY wanted a vintage dress but didn't have the best luck with dresses I purchased with the quality after decades passed and how I would reconstruct them without doubling what I paid.  I ended up finding a dress from a designer website that is not even a wedding dress. But screams bohemian wedding dress to me. I have 5 months to go and can't wait!
              Stay tuned for more. :)


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